There is no doubt that photographing this family was one of the best workouts I’ve had in a long time. But it was also the most fun I've had working out in just as long! If Kendall's temperament is anything like that of her older brothers Harlan and Josh, she’ll sprint past the whole walking bit and go straight to… uhm… sprinting :) 

Between ninja duels, Hulk vs. Ironman competitions, frog leaping contests, and many subplots in between, our choose-your-own-adventure day never saw a dull moment. Samantha — the mother/executive producer of this acting troupe — touched on the daily adventures of her family after our session came to a close:

"As far as our family dynamic, we feel we are unique because Ross is our stay at home parent, and we spend a lot of time in our house.  Because we spend so much time there, the toy situation has become the focus of our home decor, but the kids use their imaginations so well when they are making a mess that we try not to interfere.  Life is different than I ever expected being a working mom, so every second I am at home counts toward making a happy family."

Handling three active kiddos who sometimes pull in three different paths isn’t easy, but Samantha and Ross were a great team, keeping the whole gang together AND happy.  They’ve recently taken their traveling band of improv artists to Atlanta, and I wish them the very best as they open their new act!