Have you ever planned for something so diligently that you can only laugh when the day arrives and it turns out the universe has vastly different plans? And after a few brief moments of anxiety that things aren’t following a carefully constructed blueprint (at least, not your carefully constructed blueprint), you realize that the new circumstances are even more marvelous than you possibly could have planned for?  

When Casie got in touch about photographing an intimate wedding in November, I was delighted to be a part of it. November is a gorgeous time to get married in Austin (though maybe I'm biased because that's when I got married).  We scoped the grounds of the Wildflower Center for all its lovely nooks and crannies, searching for ones with the ideal lighting for portraits. We found, if I say so myself, some perfect spots. Fast forward to the week of the wedding. Freezing. Rain. Cold. Wind. The morning of, I arrived to the Wildflower Center early.  Not a ray of sunshine to be found. The wind was so strong that the original ceremony location was out of the question unless the lovebirds wanted to end up in Oz. 

But when Casie, Nolan, and Caleb arrived, the sun came out. We found a beautiful spot for the ceremony that shielded everyone from the strong winds, and we scoped out even MORE incredible locations with delightful light. Everything was different than we’d planned, but it was just as it should have been. 

May your wedding be a testament to how you will face the unexpected in your journey as husband and wife- with grace, adaptability, and of course, lots of laughter.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing day!