Ya'll. This post is so special to me. I normally describe sessions from my point of view. I think it's important to share how welcomed I felt by a family that I had just met that day (three year old Alice and eleven month old Max almost convinced me to forgo taking photos because they were so intent on sharing their world with me!).  And also tell you how exciting it was for me to immerse myself into a Sunday morning family tradition that fully engaged every family member (including the four cats and dogs!).  But I would like to start sharing more about the experiences of the unique families that I photograph. This session focused on a time that Megan and Nathan hold dear amidst their weekly routines- Sunday morning family time.  Here's what Megan and Nathan had to say about our time together:

"We originally wanted to hire a photographer because we only had 2-3 pictures of all four of us together.  Usually, one of us is snapping an iPhone photo of the others, and we don’t have much with all of us.  Many of our favorite pictures are quickly taken during the moments when something funny or special has happened.  It’s hard getting anyone to sit still for a second but this is how we spend our days and our photos reflect that.  So when looking to have “family” pictures taken, we loved the idea of just spending the time with a photographer, capturing these quick moment just as we remember them. We discussed a documentary style to the classic family portrait, hopefully gathering images that show us together, doing the things that we normally do.  Sunday mornings are special in our house.  We (try to) sleep in.  We make BIG cups of coffee, cook big breakfasts, and make big messes.  Our daughter Alice is at the age where she is wanting to help, so she is constantly dragging her stool around so that she can get close to whatever we are doing or making.  Max is almost one, and smiles and laughs and feeds the dog from his highchair.  There’s cooking and cleaning and running and singing.  We finally had group pictures of everyone, as well as photos from a three-year-old’s point of view, what a baby does when no one is looking, and we even caught our skeptical cats watching the activities.  These photos are exactly what we were hoping to capture.  Our session with Yana was super, she set aside the time necessary to document our day, and immersed herself in the scene seamlessly. We now have an amazing collage of what we feel and look forward to every Sunday morning.

Thank you for allowing me to step into your home and document your beautiful story.   


Bluebonnet mania is here full force! If there is ever an especially appropriate time to be OVER THE TOP with your Texan pride... it is right now. So take a seat, put up your boots, and enjoy a fun glimpse into this year's bluebonnet mini sessions! 


What a great beginning to 2015! Annalisa and Matt welcomed baby Everett in December, making two year old Grayson the coolest older brother on the block.  And no worries, longtime family pet Marley gave me the inside scoop that this new title hasn't gone to Grayson's head!  :)

My time spent with this family was so much fun. Grayson introduced me to his closest Sesame Street friends, shared his favorite chapstick, and even strummed a few tunes on a guitar! Everett was so eager to learn from big brother that he was wide awake until three feedings into our session.  Needless to say, these sweet boys are the center of Annalisa and Matt's world.  And even though mom is outnumbered even more so now, I know she wouldn't have it any other way! I hope you enjoy viewing these moments as much as I enjoyed capturing them.




To this day, I remember Crystal's maternity session as one of the most emotion-filled photo shoots I had ever completed. Crystal and her husband Mike were out of their gourds excited to become first time parents.  After all of the adventures Crystal and Mike had been on together, they were most looking forward to the journey of parenthood.

Harley was born in late July. I saw daily Facebook updates of her sleepy grins, and her new wardrobe additions that her creative mamma had dreamed up on a whim.  I was finally able to meet up with Crystal, Mike, and the little blue-eyed beauty right before the holidays.  Despite all of the struggles of new parenthood, what emanated from these parents was true joy.  I hope one day Harley can look at these photos and feel the warmth and love that surrounded her that day, and always.


It's heeeeere! It's finally here.  I’d long craved the opportunity to do a photojournalistic session, one where I could capture scenes from a day-in-the-life of a family, and recently… it happened!  A very special family said, "Sure, c'mon in, take whatever photos you want, and we'll just be here... doing what we do."

It is so rewarding to witness the unique interactions between an infant, a three year old, a teenager, and a mom and dad. They joke, they push buttons, they love generously.  Between the quiet tender conversations and the triumphant belly laughs, there are many beautiful moments free from categorization and impossible to pose.   Thank you for letting me be there all along.


Today my husband and I returned from our journey out West. As we neared home, we naturally debriefed about the trip- the highs, the lows, the stressful setbacks, and the unimaginably carefree joys. I want to encourage everyone (including myself) to use this year to explore more, and worry less. I wish everyone great adventures in 2015!


DINA, PETER + baby girl K

It is my goal to use this blog to embody the spirit of the time spent with the individuals I am photographing.  I always struggle to find the perfect words. How can you find the perfect words to describe a photo shoot devoted to your twin sister and her growing family? You can't. And so, for the first time ever, I will allow these images to speak for themselves, as there is nothing I could possibly say that could communicate just how special this experience was.


Tom and Molly wanted to document their family dynamic before baby Scarlett arrives in 2015.  Soon-to-be older brother Finn couldn’t contain his excitement about his new little sister, so instead he channeled it by running, jumping, climbing, and exploring the great outdoors. I bonded with the budding woodsman when he taught me to scout for deer throughout the park. If any one’s interested, whispering and proper tiptoe technique are paramount.

We scheduled our session at golden hour to capture the beautiful light of a cool fall evening, but due to some unforeseen mishaps we were unable to start until close to sunset. It just goes to show, things just have a way of working out! The rich twilight colors provided an intimate feel to the session and perfectly highlighted the closeness of a family that’s transitioning to a tender new phase.  We all can't wait to meet Scarlett!



Diane and Michael may be the only people I know who would agree to a 7:30 a.m. photo shoot the day after Thanksgiving, but I sure am thankful for that morning warrior instinct! Diane's mother-in-law, Betsy, wanted to capture the whole family together since they do not have frequent opportunities to see each other throughout the year. The stars seem to align in perfect order: the family was together for Thanksgiving, Fall had applied her paintbrush to layer on warm colors all across Austin, and baby Simeon was in the mood to show off his tummy time skills. That is... until he quickly decided that the world wasn't ready for his moves. And when babies make a decision, it sticks.

Location #2, aka back at the house, proved a lot more fruitful. With everyone comfy and cozy (including the doggies!), the lively family dynamic permeated the house. Thank you, Betsy and Michael, Diane and Michael, Caleb, and Simeon for letting me photograph your precious time together!  I'm not one for many Thanksgiving traditions, but I think this one might be a keeper.


Several years ago, Kristine, Chris, and their two young girls left Texas to live in and explore remote areas across the country. I missed seeing Kristine's lovely smile (look at these photos, how could you not!?), but I was happy knowing she and her family were on an adventure! But Texas always seemed to tug at their heart strings.  When they returned, the state became a richer place. Not to mention a lot more beautiful! 

This day was perfection for our family session.  The air was cool and crisp, and Lauren and Meghan made the already magical evening even more whimsical as they twirled and played with bubbles. I don’t know about you, but seeing siblings at play makes me think of sunlight shining on a bright future. Here is a story of love, laughter, and twirly-dancy-bubble magic sprinkled in.