I have always loved photography. I can spend countless hours looking at old photo albums. There is just something so special about looking at one moment in time, and being able to recreate the story surrounding that photo: the setting, the people, the mood, the events that led to that instant, and the events that transpired immediately after the camera was put away. It's about storytelling. And anyone who knows me knows that I love to tell stories.

But I have not always been a photographer.  It is pretty incredible what magic can happen when you declare your passion to the universe, and hold yourself accountable to reach a goal. I am so grateful to now have the opportunity to document special moments in the lives of friends, family, and total strangers.

have, however, always been a dancer. In ballet, a sous sus is a quick, simple dance move meant to elevate the dancer from the floor to pointe position.
It is the foundation of one of the most elegant positions in dance, but blink and you miss it.  The sous sus is the inspiration for Sousous Photography, whose mission is to capture those fleeting moments or subtle details that stir and elevate the imaginative spirit.  The possibilities are endless...

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